Ladybug Music® is a program designed to support little ones in their individual learning styles.

Whether they’re active or passive learners, ⁣our classes are interactive, so they’ll be able to participate in whatever way they’re most comfortable with and ready for, in their developement.

*As an active learner, you child will be fully engaged in all the activities we do, imitating movements, singing along, playing along, dancing, etc. These type of learners are physically active and learn by doing.

*Or, your child could be a different type of active learner: a kinesthetic learner. These types of learners move around a lot, which may seem as if they’re not paying attention to class. However, they actually learn best when they process information while being physically active or engaged. And, as long as they’re within earshot of the class, and they see, hear and feel you participating, they will learn kinesthetically.

*On the other hand, if your child seems to take a passive role, that is totally okay too! Passive learners are naturally inclined to engage in observational learning (which is how we all start!). These little ones learn through watching others, retaining the information and then later replicating the behaviors that were observed. ⁣

So, no matter how your child experiences our classes, actively or passively, trust that they are absorbing information and learning a lot, at their own pace!

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