We are happy to announce that our 4-week Online Ladybug Music Session begins Wednesday, April 1st! Our online classes will be 30-minutes long. You will also receive a free download of the music.

The schedule is as follows:
WEDNESDAY: 10:30am (Bilingual Class – English & Spanish)
THURSDAY: 10:30am (English)

The tuition price is $40 for the month, including the songs download.
Everyone is welcome to join us, as long as they sign up for a spot 🙂


🚨 #GIVEAWAY Alert!

We’re giving away a $50 Ladybug Music ATX Gift Card, to go towards registration fees*

To enter:

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Winner will be announced on March 25th. Good luck!

*$50 gift card valid for any upcoming 2020 session (Spring, Summer or Fall). It may be used in addition to any referral credit amount earned.

Dancing is an important way of expression, for people of all ages and cultures. It is a great way to improve strength and flexibility, coordination, range of motion, sense of space, and balance. In addition, dancing helps children develop socially, emotionally and cognitively.

During our FREE DANCE, every week (with scarves, ribbons, parachute, etc.), your child is working in all of the skills mentioned above, when you dance together. And, by imitating you, they feel comfortable and encouraged to express themselves, creatively, through movement – which is freeing and promotes a self-confidence.

Plus, when you share the experience of dancing together, it’s another opportunity to bond with your little bug, and boosts feelings of happiness. So, let’s dance, dance, dance!


UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve cancelled these demo classes. We will postpone them as soon as possible. Stay tunes for updates…

We’re coming to the Toybrary!

Have your checked out our unique, fun program yet? Ladybug Music® offers a unique class experience designed to nurture your child’s basic music skills and optimize early childhood development.

Join us this Spring at one of our 4 FREE Demo Classes, at the Toybrary Austin (2001 Justin Lane, Austin). Tuesdays, March 10th & 24th, April 14th & 28th. All classes at 10:30AM.

Just make sure to reserve your spot!



UPDATE: The start of the Spring Session has been POSTPONED! Due to the COVID-19 spread, and the government’s mandates, our upcoming session will have to be moved to start in early May. Keep checking in with us, to get the latest updates.

Spring Session is OPEN for registration! Classes start on April 22nd.

Our research based, multi-sensory curriculum will feature the “Bomp! Bomp! Bomp!” CD collection and is sure to have your child singing, dancing, learning and having fun! Join the Ladybug Music family this Spring, an amazing community of warm, friendly families that LOVE music as much as we do!



Every week, at our Ladybug Music® classes, we sing a lullaby during our “cozy time.” Over the course of our 10-week sessions, we sing the same lullaby, so that we’re all familiar with it, and everyone can sing along -even some little ones will join in on the fun after a few weeks! Singing the same lullaby, at the same moment in class, every week, helps children develop a sense of structure and discipline. Plus, they gain all of the wonderful benefits of singing lullabies together.

Singing lullabies to your child(ren) helps regulate their emotions, and calms them down, making it easier for them to fall asleep. It also stimulates their language and cognitive development, and helps to establish a routine. And, most importantly, it strengthens the emotional bond between caregiver and child, and fosters a sense of security.

So, make sure to create your own routine that includes a lullaby… and, sing, sing, sing!


A family favorite is “Great Big Stars.”

 Take a listen!

This week, we’re introducing a song about the Roraima black frog, or Roraima bush toad, which is less than 1 inch long and lives only in the summit of Mount Roraima, in the tripoint of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. When threatened, it turns itself into a little ball and rolls off the rocks.

At Ladybug Music®, we sing about lots of different animals that do exist, like this black frog, the zedonk, and the blobfish. Some are cute, some are weird, but all have fun songs to sing to! Join us, as we sing about the little black frogs from Mt. Roirama, this winter.

Join us!

We are back! Our 10-week Winter Session starts tomorrow at our Central Austin location, and Thursday at our North Austin location.

At Ladybug Music® your child will learn the foundations of music in a fun and unique class experience. Our award-wining music is parent and child approved. Come sing, dance and play with us.



Our Winter Session starts this week. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our 10-week Winter Session classes start Wednesday, January 22nd
  • All Ladybug Music classes are taught by professional musicians. Our Austin teacher, Yayra, has a Master’s Degree in Music
  • Our program not only nurtures your child’s basic music skills but it’s also designed for optimal early childhood development
  • We’ll be singing and playing to the fun tunes of our Red Collection, which includes a mix of old and new favorites 🙂



Ladybug Music® has been voted “Best of LA” by RedTri, LA Magazine & Nickelodeon. Our high-quality, original music is recommended by the American Library Association and Parent’s Choice Awards. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, nanny or another caregiver, you and your child are bound to love our program. Our classes are a warm, interactive and energetic experience taught by professional musicians.

Sign up to try a free class and invite a friend to join you! Free demo classes are available in our Central Austin (Jan. 15th) and North Austin (Jan. 16th).