Come and check out a Ladybug Music class, before the start of the Winter Session!

The benefits of early childhood music education are plenty, so coming to a kids music class is a must for your little one. They work on their musical skills, while developing motor and cognitive skills at the same time. Plus, it’s a great bonding time for the child and their caregiver.

Join us for one of our Winter Demo classes: 1/15 (Central Austin) & 1/16 (North Austin)


Holiday DEMOS are happening this week, and next week too…

Sign up for a FREE trial class, and learn what Ladybug Music® is all about. These demo classes are the perfect way for you to experience our class and see if they’re the right fit for you and your little one. Through our kid’s music program your child has the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music and self-expression and, take advantage of the many benefits of music education in early childhood development, like: developing motor, cognitive and language skills, socialization, and more.

Join us at one of our 4 upcoming Holiday Demo classes: 12/11-12 & 12/18-19.

Classes available in Central and North Austin.



Winter Session is open for registration. It starts on January 22nd… and you don’t want to miss out!

Join our 10-Week Session for some fun and music making, with us. We have a new collection of feel-good music guaranteed to have your little one singing, dancing, and learning: The Red Collection.


Have you tried our Ladybug Music class yet?

At Ladybug Music® you are teaching your child a love of music and giving them the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music and self-expression. This is in addition to the many benefits of music education in early childhood development of motor and cognitive skills.

Join us this December, at one of our Holiday Demo classes: 12/11-12 & 12/18-19.

Classes available in Central and North Austin.


November 14, 2019

Rhythm Sticks

At Ladybug Music, we play with rhythm sticks every session. Playing with rhythm sticks is super fun for the kids and it’s a beneficial activity as well, because as they play with sticks, they’re working on their sense of the beat and their creative thinking. In addition, playing with rhythm sticks help little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and become more aware of their surroundings (spatial awareness).

This activity is perfect for the home, too. You can reinforce all this learning and development, while having a blast playing along to some cool grooves, with your child.

For over 5 years, Puerto Rico native Yayra Sánchez, taught Ladybug Music classes back in Los Angeles, CA; and now, she’s teaching the program in Austin! She wants to instill upon your child a love for good music, while helping them develop and grow.

Apart from being a teacher, Yayra is a classically trained singer, who is active in the local choral and opera communities. She’s also a wife and a mom, to two cool dudes.

Read more about her background and motivations…


Patricia Maertens

Los Angeles native, Patricia Maertens, is Ladybug Music’s creator and owner. An early-childhood music educator since 2004, Maertens started her business following a two-decade professional career as a singer, songwriter and producer whose original material has been featured in films and on TV. Her own education includes study at the prestigious Dick Grove School of Music and Musicians Institute.

Thanks to her heritage, background and extensive world travels, her musical taste roams freely over the boundaries of genre and origin, from Billie Holiday to the Clash, Tinariwen to Rickie Lee Jones. The Ladybug songbook—which spans six full-length CDs—reflects that variety.

Learn more about our program’s founder. A great musician, teacher, entrepeneur and person…


September 21, 2019

Try a FREE Music Class

When looking up classes for your baby or toddler, music class is a must! The benefits of music education in early childhood development are many.

At Ladybug Music® you are teaching them a love of music and giving them the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music and self-expression.


Yes, my dear Austinites, Ladybg Music classes are finally here! This unique kids music program is well-known and loved in Los Angeles, Minnesota and even Sydney, Australia. Now, it’s your chance to fall in love with it too.

Austin is the “Live Music Capital of the World,” so it’s fitting that we bring these classes here and play some “live music” with your little ones. Teach ’em young!

We’ll dance, sing and play together… and, we’ll make Austin proud while keeping it weirdly cute.

Register HERE! 

Ladybug Music is most noteworthy for award-winning music, professional musicians and educational fun! Our one-of-a-kind educational music program is in particular perfect for young children (infant – 4 years) and adults. Find us in Los Angeles, Austin, Minneapolis, and Sydney too.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, nanny, or another caregiver, you (and your child) are bound to love us. Not only are classes an interactive, energetic experience but are also taught by amazing teachers/musicians.

At Ladybug Music you and your child will enjoy grooving to our sophisticated yet absolutely fun tunes. You will not find our award-winning music at other adult-child music classes. You will watch your child grow to love music. Your child will also blossom into a confident, social, and creative girl or boy!

Join us!  See for yourself what makes us such a standout! Our sessions run for 10 weeks (7 in summer).

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