Large movement songs are some of the best activities you can do for your child’s gross motor skills development. Through these songs, little ones work on their concentration and cognitive skills; also, on balance, coordination, and spatial awareness, while strengthening big muscle groups of their legs, arms, chest and core.

Apart from our free dance, some of the large movement activities we do in class are: lap songs like “Row Your Boat” and “Wheels On The Bus;” rhyme songs like “Jack Be Nimble” and “Shoo fly,” which allow for full movement of arms; and, of course, our choreographed dance songs like “This-A-Way, That-A-Way” and “Superduper Supersaurus,” which also work on their listening skills and ability to follow instructions.

Any action song or activity where kids can jump, bounce, skip, hop, etc, is great for their gross motor movement too. Gross motor play is such a vital part of a young child’s development and truly something that needs to be part of every kiddo’s day. And, in these times of staying at home, these are an awesome way to get those wiggles and jiggles that your kiddos need out, when the circumstances have you trapped inside.