When we think of music class, we think of a fun, active time for our little bugs to play instruments, sing, dance, and develop basic music skills like rhythm. And, that’s totally right! However, it’s not the only type of learning they’ll experience.

Research shows that early exposure to music, and music classes, help with academic learning as well. With songs and activities like an ABCs song, they learn the letters and about spelling; through a couting song, they learn the numbers and basic math skills; when it’s a song about the animals, not only do they learn the names and sounds of different animals, but it also stimulates speech development when imitating the sounds. Kiddos can also learn about colors, shapes, moods, etc., much faster when taught in a song. And, lots more!

So, the case is closed and the veredict is in: Music Class HELPS with Academic Learning. And, when they get to their first years in school, they come in with an advantage. #win-win