Every week, at our Ladybug Music® classes, we sing a lullaby during our “cozy time.” Over the course of our 10-week sessions, we sing the same lullaby, so that we’re all familiar with it, and everyone can sing along -even some little ones will join in on the fun after a few weeks! Singing the same lullaby, at the same moment in class, every week, helps children develop a sense of structure and discipline. Plus, they gain all of the wonderful benefits of singing lullabies together.

Singing lullabies to your child(ren) helps regulate their emotions, and calms them down, making it easier for them to fall asleep. It also stimulates their language and cognitive development, and helps to establish a routine. And, most importantly, it strengthens the emotional bond between caregiver and child, and fosters a sense of security.

So, make sure to create your own routine that includes a lullaby… and, sing, sing, sing!


A family favorite is “Great Big Stars.”

 Take a listen!